Cold Climate Heat Pump

What To Know If You Want To Use Your Heat Pump During The Winter?

A heat pump is basically a central air conditioning unit that has the capability to heat your house during the winter months. It usually pumps heat into your house during the winter season & pumps heat out in the summer season. If employed appropriately, a heat pump can turn out to be an exceedingly efficient & affordable investment for your home.

How not to use your heat pump during the colder months?

Well, there’re a few things you need to know if you are going to use your heat pump in cold weather and get the most out of it.

For example, did you ever observed the “emergency heat” setting mentioned in your thermostat? Nevertheless, it can be pretty easy to ignore, and you can even activate it unintentionally.

It’s essential to comprehend that you should never employ the emergency heat function on the thermostat for the below-mentioned reasons:

  • It takes away the energy efficiency of your heat pump
  • It may guide to much higher power usage & increased monthly bills

Heat pumps are engineered to be more productive than resistance (emergency) heating at any temperature. As soon as the temperature drops below  32° F, your heat pump will require to use a secondary heat source to fulfill the comfort requirements of your house. When this takes place, your heat pump is still effectively moving a part of the heat from the exterior. Even at low temperature, your heat pump unit is always more competent than emergency heat.

Heat Pump In Cold Weather

Temperature & maintenance:

Now that you understand how to avoid emergency heat setting, here mentioned are a few more tips to assist you to make the most of your heat pump.

  • Change your filter at a regular interval – once a month is the best
  • Get your heat pump turned up at least once a year, Without appropriate maintenance, it will get less effective over time.
  • Set the thermostat to the lowest temperature comfortable for your household.

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